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"We have meticulously assembled a comprehensive set designed to protect the most vulnerable and crucial components of your bike."

TOP TUBE - 1x L: 520mm W: 80mm
DOWN TUBE - 1x L: 600mm W: 80mm
DOWN TUBE UP - 3x L: 100mm W: 50mm
SEAT TUBE - 1x L: 320mm W: 55mm
CHAIN STAY - 2x L: 240mm W: 45mm
CHAIN STAY UP - 2x L: 390mm W: 45mm


FITS ALL KIND OF BIKES! The foil Is factory pre-CUT on all the intended parts where it covers the curves. If additional adjustment is required, the foil is easily cut and adjusted with the help of heat of blowdryer.

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  • Ivan Santos

    27 year old Spanish Navarrese young man. Pamplona resident. Enduro e-bike racer. New in content creator for networks. Riding a bicycle since he can remember hahaha the only thing he know how to do is ride on two wheels. He like hills full of jumps and crazy curves!

  • Špela Horvat

    Best Slovenian and world known rider in all of the freeride disciplines. Former World Cup downhill racer. The Crankworx competing at, Speed & Style, Whip-offs and women's Slopestyle. .

  • Jonathan Santiago Saez

    A crazy bike enthusiast from Spain, enduro and dh racer. Love the mountains, enjoying the bike with his friends but above all the competition. Currently part of a team called "biraka o-ring"

  • Diogo Vieira

    22 year old Portuguese Downhill rider that started his journey in this sport in 2015, with the most recent achievement a Regional Vice-Champion Title. Experiences in enduro, bmx race, and dirt jump but his main passion was always Downhill, when he isn’t on the bike he is probably thinking about it. 

  • Felix Bauer

    Hey, I’m Felix, 29 years old and I’m a Downhill racer! I love racing everything from local races to World Cups, but I also enjoy laid back bikepark days with friends and throwing in a few tricks here and there.

  • Sarina Biederer

    Freerider from Germany. Loving technical jumps and is always looking for opportunities to catch more airmiles. Riding all kinds of bikes from dirtjump to downhill.

  • Lorenz Kogler

    Hi my name is Lorenz, i am an austrian freeride mountainbiker! I love hitting big jumps but also shredding steep and technical downhills!

  • Jaka Seme

    The person who is part of the Dirtspecific team, has been riding bikes since childhood, a former competitor in 4x and downhill. He ride anything what have two wheels and it is fast.


    Through the ambassador program and connecting with riders, we aim to support this sport and showcase our creations to the world, creating a large community of like-minded individuals.


Q:Are the products glossy or matte?
A: The items are made of neutral foil, slightly glossy. We haven't chosen true matte because the matte material isn't as durable as our polymeric one, which has a lifespan of 5+ years and remains robust in all conditions.

Q:How thick is the foil?
A:The foil is 150qm; that's how we found the right balance for easy application while selecting the best material for proper protection.
Q:Will the foil fit my bike?
A:Yes, it's designed to fit directly on almost all bikes, all types. It comes with additional parts that you apply as needed based on the length of your bike's tubes. If it's too long, it can be easily trimmed.