Our story


Hello and welcome to our world of cycling passion at Dirtspecific!

From the very beginning, cycling has been an integral part of our lives. Starting at a young age, our journey has taken us through countless experiences, evolving into the exciting venture we proudly present today. We're not just a company; we're a team of avid cyclists who live and breathe the sport.

Our roots are firmly grounded in the thrill of competition. We've actively participated in 4x and downhill racing, conquering challenges on tracks across Alpe Adria cups and even some World Cup stages. These experiences have not only fueled our drive but have also deepened our understanding of the sport, its demands, and the importance of top-notch gear.

A day without cycling is simply unimaginable for us. Whether it's powering through a downhill course or embracing the freedom of a skate park on our BMX bikes, the exhilaration of two wheels on the ground is an essential part of our lives.

While we engage in various disciplines, our heart lies in downhill cycling. The adrenaline rush as we navigate challenging terrains, the precision required for the perfect line, and the satisfaction of pushing our limits – all of these elements make downhill our true calling. But that's not all; we're also dedicated riders in skate parks and BMX tracks, embracing the diverse facets of cycling culture.

Hailing from Slovenia, a picturesque country nestled in the foothills, we're just 30 minutes away from the magnificent Alps. This proximity has blessed us with what we believe is the ultimate environment for mountain biking. The rugged trails, breathtaking landscapes, and an unwavering cycling community – it's a dream come true for any cycling enthusiast.

Our journey has taken us through various paths, and at one point, our primary focus was on decals for MX and supermoto motorcycles. These experiences have contributed to our expertise and dedication to delivering quality products that enhance your biking experience.

At Dirtspecific, we don't just sell protective and designer bike films; we're here to share our passion and expertise with fellow cyclists. Our products are a reflection of our journey, crafted with care to enhance your biking experience, protect your equipment, and bring a touch of style to your ride. Join us as we continue to explore new trails, conquer new challenges, and celebrate the incredible world of cycling.

Pedal on!


About the Company

The online shop dirtspecific.com is owned and managed by: MOOSE LAB, Monika Pogorelc s.p.

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